Tax Day Terrorists



So, I am overhearing from folks that they are hearing from someone else who heard in the news that the Boston Marathon bomber was probably not a foreigner. The first thing that hit me was that I have heard this before, that it sounds like talking points and that there may not be truth to that type of statement.

Why does the media seem to take thinking out of a very serious issue and insert an ongoing agenda that frankly, I hardly know a soul that believes what they are trying to pass off as news. Those days are long gone and that is why I don’t dare get my news, from the news.

It took me all of about 30 seconds to piece this all together. Now, this is all hypothesis, but I truly believe it has a very good chance of turning out this way. That is if, our government is forthright with their findings.

Al Qaeda type terrorist cells that pull these major events off do not just wake up and say, “Hey, today is a good day to blow something up!” No. The islamic takeover of the world has been very patient and meticulous in their planning and in many instances, are one step ahead of our intelligence community.

There was a story today ( how the Cross Country coach at the University of Mobile noticed the bomb sniffing dogs and extra curricular activity going on with Law Enforcement

(Coach Ali Stevenson)

Now, my first thought was this. And only the Lord knows why such an event would be scheduled on April 15th, but here it goes: There are puppet masters that can control instructions on how and when to pull off such an event. There may even be a couple of people on the inside to pass along classified information so that someone can gain access to an area or know when an opportunity should arise. These animals don’t just blow things up without a rhyme or reason attached to it. Look at their history, and you need to know that so that you can know where I am going with this.

What day was yesterday? April 15th.

What does that represent? Tax day.

And? Who is against Tax day? Ooooh. The evil T.E.A. Party! Remember, Tax Enough Already.

Why Boston? I don’t know maaaaayyyyyyybe, the Boston Tea Party?boston-tea-party.3

Why was that party held? Taxation, ahem, without representation.


Do you think like I do that a terrorist who wanted to do the will of allah, would use, ohhhh, say, taquiyya to lie about his intentions to have muslims take responsibility for something and work within the mind frame of the liberal, progressive, democratic party talking points where they wish to non-god that it would be a bona fide tea party patriot who did this?

I do think that there is a high possibility that this was coordinated to be a set-up to help push the agenda of gun control. By coordinated, I mean that a terrorist organization would know that they could help disarm the citizenry of the United States if they planned it perfectly.

Especially at this time in history.

Especially with Newtown families right in front of them at the scene.

You tell me America. Could this be way off or more logical than just a guy who wanted to randomly blow up a hotel on a sunny day in Massachusetts  The home of Lexington. Where the revolutionary war started.


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The Real Reason For Government Expansion

church state 2


Do you get the big picture, yet? You may not like what you are about to hear, so you may wish to seek gentle counsel from a seeker church pastoral dude while America burns and is trampled underfoot! There is no time that we have to dance around these topics or to dance with the devil in the desert for 40 years.

Today, Publix, Target and Winn Dixie had been contacted because of the porn on display at the checkout counter, whether in photos or words. Do you mind that it is there if the people in front of you or behind you don’t? Or, if your kids don’t or your spouse, even?

This week there were two NFL football tragedies that took place and according to the news, one was because of a gun and the other was an accident. As long time announcer, Bob Costas ranted about the gun, and get rid of the gun, and if there were less guns, there were probably a few lives saved across the U.S. because of this evil tool of uncontrollable destruction.

Just yesterday seven NFL players voluntarily turned in their guns. Was it all they had? Who knows? Not you or me, that’s for sure, but why would they? Why wouldn’t the story be that 1,689 NFL players did not turn in their guns? All this makes no sense anyway and let’s go to an expert about such a symbolic gesture, The Nuge:

“Just as we shouldn’t blame forks for obesity, pencils for spelling mistakes or water for drowning, trying to blame access to guns for the murder-suicide in Kansas City is chainsaw-juggling, woodchipper-diving bizzaro logic.”

From the Human Events article today, the Motor City Madman adds, “Therein lies one of the fundamental problems with America. We have created a culture of rot where excuse-making punks have been conditioned to blame anything and everything on something other than the perpetrator. Apparently, Mr. Costas is one of them.”

Yes, Ted, but the elephant in the room is………………..the booze! Why wouldn’t Bob Costas make a case against alcohol? It is truly strange and amazing at the same time how the Dallas Cowboy star, Josh Brent’s manslaughter charge is discussed as an accident in the media. Even in your neighborhood, people would argue and say that, ‘Oh, well, it’s not murder because he was drunk.’ Huh?

devil drink

Even in my July 14, 2012 article, Escape To The Bible, Not The Bottle, it started by stating that:

“About 17,000 people are killed every year in alcohol related accidents, on average, over the last 30 years. This ranges from 37% to 60% of all traffic related fatalities.

Does this astound you, friend? Did it make you think about the severity of it or do these numbers fit into your comfort zone? Is it somewhat acceptable because you are holding it up to a different, more depressing standard?”

I urge you, brothers and sisters, to read a copy of, “The Double Curse of Booze”, by Dr. John R. Rice. How many are affected by this curse? God only knows but involves the two guilty parties; The consumer and the provider along with the innocent folks.

Just who are the innocent folks in such cases? Well, let me help you start a list for you to pray upon. Wives, children, unborn babies, teachers, firemen, policemen, grocery clerks, grandchildren who aren’t even a thought as of yet, generations from your bloodline as the curse flows down the bloody Nile. You get the point.


If anyone needs a copy of this book, just let me know by commenting on this article. Free for your souls taking.

It wouldn’t matter if Obama is president or if Romney would have won because you, Christian, have not changed your wicked ways. Until you don’t show up at Christmas parties where alcohol is flowing, nothing will change and as you can all plainly see, things are getting worse. Any rebuttal on the subject would just be a cover up for your own guilt, so don’t even go there.

This past November Election Day in Palm Beach County, many voters fell for one of the biggest lies or gimmicks or one way tickets to hell, that was ever concocted and that was to ‘Vote for Slots!’

The bottom of the sign said ‘More Jobs, Better Schools.’ I hope and pray, dear Brethren, that you steered clear of this pit of despair. What the sign forgot to mention was that voting for slots would increase the number of alcoholics, drug addicts, broken homes and families and divorce. There never has been a better school, home or society because of gambling. And the more money that gets thrown into the schools, the worse it gets as the behemoth gets fed.

In fact, just the opposite is taking place. School standards are the lowest and they can’t even pass those grades. Underage and unmarried sex is at an all time high with life long sexually transmitted diseases also, at an all time high.

Unless you draw a line in the sand with your family, please, do not expect change for the better. And without Christ, as they say in Brooklyn, Fughedditaboutit. Why would someone not steal if they didn’t know that the Lord said, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal.’

If you do not take a stand for Christ, then this is the America you get. Don’t look for a shining city on a hill when you are living in the gutter. As government grows wildly out of control, and pops its ugly head in every aspect of our lives, it won’t be long before you won’t be allowed to own a bible and be able to pray… your own home.


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The Simon and Schuster Scheister

In the July 2012 issue of Whistleblower magazine, Why Obama Lies, there is a treasure trove of articles in the main body and proven facts on the sidebars of every page. All articles were excellent, but one by Art Moore poked me to write this:

We all know so many truths, well actually the lies that Obama blatantly has put out there for all to see. They are not hidden, all though some are tougher to find, most are said right to our faces and basically said with a Chicago thug in-your-face attitude like, ‘what are you gonna’ do about it!’

I knew about Bill Ayers penning his autobiography but one item, I’m not sure that I knew about. And boy is it gnawing at me like a crow to an eyeball of someone buried up to his neck.

That someone who is playing the role of the President of the United States of America, that feels that the world owes him and he doesn’t have to lift a finger, who bashes big corporations while taking in their mega millions, that this sorry excuse of a human being can preach all this stuff, daily, without press questions or accountability, can do the things he does and not feel any shame about what he is doing.

Here’s the kicker for those who are still reading and waiting: He took $75,000 from Simon and Schuster in 1989, with no intentions of writing a book and used the funds to pay down his personal debt.

The publisher canceled the project in 1993 and did not bother to demand the return of the payment because Barack told them he spent the money and he and his wife were chipping away at their student loan debt.

On the last issue, I have a gut feeling (can I write this on a gut feeling?) that minority status had something to do with an  issue not being made for not returning $75,000. I mean, c’mon. This is not a country to be proud of. Isn’t that what Michele said. So they’ll just take and take and take. Get high. Give some to others. Get drunk. Smoke. Do cocaine. and yes, cry out to the Indian monkey God, Hanuman for understanding and maybe even forgiveness, that they just plain spent OPM (other people’s money) and that this would either be the formation of the norm, or will we ever find out that it is the way it has always been. You’re talking about a street hustlin’ con artist occupying, and I use that word purposely, the Oval Office.

Something stinks and it smells like a NASCAR strong-arming by the non-reverend Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition. You can see the pattern clearly:

Timeline 1989 ~ Simon and Schuster ~ Ah, to be a fly on the wall. This is all my making up the following thoughts, but hey, when you start with a blank slate and are dared to ‘get to know me,’ sometimes you have to think outside of the in-box!

Imagine working a deal with this up and coming negro from Kenya who was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. What a great international diversification story so far. And he uses the foreign birth here, because it helps himself get to the next level of his game.

They were looking for his autobiography because, wow! Hu wouldn’t be? After all he is the fabulous writer of such thing (yes, thing) as an unsigned defense of legalized abortion. Isn’t the Editor supposed to have extensive, well, publications? Yes, except for Barry.

What about those great poems he wrote at Occidental? All two of them? I am beginning to see another trend with this fraud. A pattern of failures. I can’t see anything built by this guy. Can anyone share with me something? Anything? Anyone? Bueller? Even the neighborhoods back in Chi-Town that he ‘community organized’ are worse off now than before he lent them his expertise.

In 1995 he received $40,000 from Random House and off he went to Bali to write and have quiet peace time with his bride. After lollygagging and literally flushing that money away, Hussein and Michelle were at the end of their rope, which meant, having no money and ‘maybe having to move in with their mom while Barry would have to get a job with a big corporate firm and make some real money’. Gasp! This must have been serious for them to not have anyone left to access money from. And I use the people term, because we know he wouldn’t use an evil ATM machine!

In 1994 Michelle decided for Barry to contact this guy down the block. The great and respected writer, Bill Ayers. Or as free thinking Americans call him, a terrorist.

In conclusion, and after six years of spending everyone else’s money, he finally turned in his homework that was chewed on for more than a half a decade by his dog, Bo. Oh, wait. How could that be? Bo wasn’t born until 2008. Oh, well. No worries. C’mon Mitt, show your taxes.

See how easy I can make you forget about his lies. Well, he’s much better at it than most anyone you know.

17 years after the fact, in 2006, Barack Hussein Obama, won a Grammy award for his book. This seems to me that the fix was in and he cleared many levels in his game. But, Obama. There comes a time when something finalizes. When the juice runs out. When the lights go dim. When you have no more quarters up on the machine. And the center-lined words come across the screen: 

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The Colonel Brought the Chicken


Yesterday, the criminally removed former judge, now congressman, Alcee Hastings, said how Lt. Col. Allen West brought chicken to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) meeting 6 months ago, when it was West’s turn to provide lunch.

Why is this news today? Because now, Hastings just remembered how insulted he was because West brought Chick Fil A. Never let a crisis go to waste, the liberals always say.

Why is this news today? Because the actuary must have calculated that there are a few more votes to be had. Bludgeon one group and get opposite ended voters off their keisters to be bused out to the voting booths. I’m sure that if you dig down deep enough, you’ll find that we pay for that bus trip. I see the money trail that is funding our destruction and it always leads back to the taxpayers.

Why is this news today? Because Congressman West is black so the ‘ever so played out’ term of racism can’t be used to take voters away from West. But, as you are well aware, George Soros is gunning for the Colonel so the ‘team’ feels more emblazoned to say and do anything they want. Look, they’re accusing Mitt Romney of killing a woman, in a political ad.

It is just sickening and it may become harder to participate in the political process, because that’s what they want from both sides. Less We The People and more dictatorial empire!

Why is this even news today? Because it is so sad that the lemming behavior of those that follow these self indulging, always lying and making up their facts, progressive socialists, are even more lemming than the lemmings themselves.

So, off the cliff they go and Eat More Chicken!


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Escape To The Bible, Not The Bottle


About 17,000 people are killed every year in alcohol related accidents, on average, over the last 30 years. This ranges from 37% to 60% of all traffic related fatalities.

Does this astound you, friend? Did it make you think about the severity of it or do these numbers fit into your comfort zone? Is it somewhat acceptable because you are holding it up to a different, more depressing standard?

I don’t think we should play percentage games with this because only someone who is not sober would make up defensive excuses to pass this on as socially acceptable. Abortion, beastiality and trading STD’s are socially acceptable also. But there comes a time when you have to walk away.

In 1st Corinthians 13:11 it says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 

Many times it’s the bad friends that you keep that are keeping you from letting go of this stronghold. When you try to do it on your own,  in your own strength,  it’s easy to fail. This is not easy and does require a number of steps to take place to help you along the road. A road that is narrow and sometimes lonely.Image

But, you’re never alone. Jesus is always with you and is always your friend. You need to hold to your end of the relationship. And when you’re dealing with a curse, such as this, you need Him to be you’re best friend. You also need to have a better choice of friends and have good and Godly family members around you, too.

Look for the relationship in the New Testament but look for the wisdom in the Old Testament. In Proverbs 23:29-35 it states clearly, “Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine.

 Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things.

Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the midst of the sea, or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast. They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again.”

Friends, this is not a pretty picture. It is not a pretty anything. It may sound good. It may look good. It may even smell good to you. But, the devil is the father of all lies and he will make it attractive for you. Even to seem harmless. But, it’s not and you must refrain and run away fast. It will only be a matter of time before an event will happen that will change your earthly life, forever. Don’t think that any part of that change would be positive, either. I’m no prophet but I guaranty it.

The bottle is one of the many forms of escapism that is on the market. Now, it’s not a new one or even a newer version of one. In fact, the devil has been overflowing the billows of many a belly for thousands of years.

Today, we have an escapism culture that is like splitting cells. They just keep doubling and tripling as those without God, can’t get off this planet fast enough. The problem with that is when they leave this planet and their fleshly abodes the bible says that they are going for a swim in the lake of fire. Not because they drink or play video games, go clubbing or go to the latest flick that has some of Scientology’s finest actors.

No. It’s because they are escaping from the only true God that can guide them, help them, and save them. Has alcohol blocked their ability to believe? Has it stymied their faith genes? You betcha’! When you are under the spell of the devil’s drink, you lie, tell lies, and believe your own lies. He is the father of lies and will continue pouring for you until your glass is filled up, six feet unda!

Don’t let him get your soul, Brother. Eternal Damnation is not for you. It’s not for anybody. You always have the chance, well, not always. But you do now. You have the opportunity to be saved. To get out of the reach of Satan’s mighty grip. But that mighty grip is weak when he’s reaching for the two of you. You and Jesus.

Put down that glass. Pour that poison down the drain and throw that bottle away. Smash it with righteous anger in the fireplace. Repent and turn away from your sin and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart.

Then you must continue on in your relationship with Him. It’s not a one time deal. No, my friend. This is an eternal journey that has no end. But, to forge this path from this point forward, you need to:

Escape to the bible, not the bottle!

~ Matthew Kenney

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Cheerio, Mate!

Psalm 12:8 ~ The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.

I just finished reading an article that I cannot believe that I am reading. Especially just after eating a bowl of one of my favorite Saturday morning treats, Cheerios, for breakfast. Then again, it seems to be the cherry on top for such a week as this, in the fairy tale land of ‘reality.’

Brian Brown at the pro-traditional marriage advocacy group, National Organization for Marriage (NOM), stated that this “will go down as one of the dumbest corporate PR stunts of all time.” And what would that be, you ask? Great question, glad (not GLAAD) you asked.

The CEO of General Mills, Ken Powell, spoke to about 400 gays at a gay event. You know, the crux of his customer base. That my friend, is sarcasm. He is publicly supporting gay marriage as there is a pending constitutional amendment vote looming over the horizon, come November. He urgently needed to get this message out, as instructed by his diversity and inclusion team. You know, the ones that exclude traditional values, Christian values and basically American values.

Kendall J. Powell*Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Ken Powell is chairman and chief executive officer of General Mills, which as the world’s sixth-largest food company produces and markets leading brands such as Cheerios, Häagen-Dazs, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Nature Valley and more.

You’ve seen diversity rear its ugly head before. You know this version of political correctness that makes sure that your company is hiring islamic jihadists that want to cut of your head, just after they flog each other, beat their own wives, and kill their own daughters in the name of ‘honor’ or ‘allah’ or something like that. What that lure is, it sure has our political system hooked.

Ken Charles, the company’s vice president of diversity (really?) said that the CEO Powell, “voiced General Mill’s opposition to the proposed marriage amendment, an initiative that makes our state less inclusive and reduces our company’s ability to attract and retain talent.”

Okay, in English he said that his company cannot succeed without gay people running it. Who does this man’s research? Does he realize that there are 100,000 gay households with kids under 18 in them, compared to 35 million traditional American households? In my words he’d rather worry about selling cereal to about 40 kids, then to about 100 million of them. You know, the ones who eat it the most. I can’t imagine that they thought this was good policy.

Did you know that if human’s decided the marriage and gender thing, we wouldn’t have gotten past Adam and Steve in Genesis 2 and not one more chapter would have been written and not one box of cereal would have ever been eaten?

I previously stated that this was the cherry on top for such a week of news in this topic. But then again, ever since the president swung the closet door waaaaaaay open, this news has been non stop. Seems to be all gay, all the time, some days. Even the NAACP, after all these years of existence, suddenly had an epiphany the week after Obama announced his support, that he never announced, that he always was, that we always knew, for gay marriage. They, the NAACP, announce that they also were supporters of gay marriage. What a sudden co-inkydink. All these years and now they just remembered that they were on the wrong side of the bible. The unbiblical side.

Another story this week was Carrie Underwood’s announcement of her support for gay marriage. Huh. Go figure. All these years performing and presto, another affirmation suddenly appears. Must be a magic lamp around here somewhere. This announcement highly disappointed me and my family. We just couldn’t believe that someone with such great, God-given talent and who we thought had some real good smarts about her, would directly go against God’s infallible Word.

She said, ” I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love.”

I love the way our friends over at Front Porch Politics basically put it: However, let’s ask if Ms. Underwoord is in favor of brothers and sisters marrying because they “love one another”. Let’s ask if Ms. Underwood is in favor of mothers marrying their sons because they “love one another.”

That’s correct. Then if it were up to her, maybe 3 men and 2 women would be legal. 2 men and a horse would be okay. Polygamy would be fine with everyone. Why, it would increase how much lawyers would make as this is part of their game, too. To help create chaos, to then charge a fee to get away from it. If Carrie Underwood says that that is okay, then everything is okay and if not, who is she to say that it is not okay for a woman to marry 2 women and a chicken? Who would she be to judge others? That is the words that she used, which is easily melded into her brain from a homosexual user-friendly moderate Church of Christ. I am not judging as these are not my words, but the Word of God. And just who are you, Carrie Underwood, to change that?

The Holy institution is not defined by Carrie Underwood, Superstar, or any other human being on earth. It is defined by God in His Holy Word. In Genesis 2:24 God said, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

No translation or interpretation needed. God is great. He made it so it means what it says. Do you know that the communists around the globe are ecstatic about all of this. Because in their 1963 list of goals to accomplish against America, this was number 26: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” They know that any culture, society, or country cannot stand and after a time of fully embracing these unnatural ideals, it collapses.

Since January 25th, when Starbucks announced that promoting gay marriage was core to the company’s values, and again at their shareholders meeting a couple of months ago when they said that stance has been profitable to them, I couldn’t help by sharing this with conservatives and Christians who frequent these establishments.

I would give them my testimony that although I used to purchase a venti caramel machiato on a daily basis, I haven’t done so in about 7 years or so when I learned that Starbucks funded a float in a gay pride parade in Chicago, that had children on it, raking in a garden and was run by convicted pedophiles. Instantly, instantly, I stopped funding their evil causes.

Now, they are using customer’s and shareholder’s dollars to fight against any amendments in court to support traditional marriage and/or ban gay marriage. Do you want your money destroying your beliefs? It’s like giving China all of our country’s inheritance so that they can build weapons to destroy us. What’s that you said? We ‘re already doing that? Oh. My bad.

Listen, friends. You just can’t parade around at your Tea Party or 9-12 meetings saying it with your mouth. You need to back it up with your actions, AND, back it up with scripture. Otherwise, anything goes, and speaking of that:

Attention Carrie Underwood, Starbucks and General Mills!



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4th Period: From Tater Tots to Killing Tots

I’m one of those people, if there is such a category for us, who likes public cafeteria food. You know, hospital or school food. Some may find that repulsive, but I digress.

During the high school years, I could not wait for fourth period so that I can get me some tater tots. And some from the kid to the right of me. And even more from the guy sitting on my left. Dipped in ketchup, they may have been the reason I made it through the rest of the day.

These days, though, fourth period is much different.

In a CBS report on June 5th, it was reported that Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles Unified School District joined forces to, what they are calling it, “reduce the number of unplanned teen pregnancies.” What I call it is a continuing solicitation for under age, unwed, ‘falsified’ freely protected sex.

Without a mention of any sort of abstinence program, there is a 100% chance of this operation being unsuccessful. Prove me wrong, I dare ya’!

Roosevelt High School alone has had this program since 1997, but not with Planned Parenthood. Ironically it was supported by a local hospital that lost it’s funding probably because of all the illegal immigration costs associated with these ongoing programs and free health care that it provided. Hmmm. Economics 101 about unsustainable municipal behaviors. But, that’s not what this story is about, so let’s get back to the program.

Since 1997 and the problem has never been worse? Don’t you think it would make sense to try something else? Why would money keep getting pumped into something that is not working? For 15 years, no less! I mean, there comes a point in time when reasonable, common sensical folk have to be called in to the rescue.

But, this is the game plan of a Godless society. Of a socialistic, governmental society. One that keeps chaos in play at all times, and then always says that they are the ones to call to save everyone from it. The problem why things are not getting fixed is that too many citizens of the United States play along with this and hang on every empty or broken promise that is regurgitated year after year. This leads to idol worship of politicians but again, is not the topic of this story.

This L.A. School district. along with the media outlet that provided this story, omits important things while using calm words to sway the non-thinking masses to their way of thinking, and lock that in for just a bit longer. Their way basically says, “we know you’re gonna have sex so here are ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, or try to prevent it. Here are ways to not get diseases, or try not to get them. Here are some feel good comforting words in counseling, to make you not feel guilty when they recommend that the female gets a profitable abortion at one of their own clinics.

And what’s left out is the long-term mental anguish. The long-term physical anguish. The teaching of biblical truths about the Holy institution of marriage, God’s plan for the family, and the value of a human life, made in the image of God.

What’s left out is that going to get an abortion done, for whatever reason, is the murder of an innocent life. And this process, undeniably, leads to pushing abortions for profit.

I’m not going to say one of those, “back in my day, things were not so complicated”, because they always were since the Fall of Adam. But I will ask, “when did fourth period go from tater tots to killing tots?”

~Matthew Kenney

Source –

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Jesus Shine Your Light Tonight

This is a true victory tonight. A victory of historic proportions as we watched Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, totally defend his crown by crushing Mayor Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee.

Even the pro-life Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, defeated her pro-abortion opponent this evening. Well Amen and Amen!

There are so many good things and all be the Glory and Praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ!

A victory for LIFE. For conservatism. For righteousness. For sanity. I believe many folks got educated over the last three years and the product was tonight’s tally.

Many on the fence or floundering politicians can now say to themselves, “I can stand strong and unwavering, and become victorious!”

Congratulations Governor Scott Walker! Way to stay on the wall.

Congratulations Wisconsin!

Congratulations U.S.A.!

Let this be the sign and the catapult to a November victory, that restores LIFE, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and with all of us on our knees, God to this country.

God Bless America!


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Genesis 2:7


And the Lord God formed man of the dust in the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of LIFE; and man became a living being.

Welcome to my new blog. To go along with my Facebook page, the purpose of all of this is first and foremost, to follow what God asks of us. To speak boldly about his creation, to protect his creation, and to prevent the government indoctrination of these wonderful creations.

When we say the children are the future, we are responsible to train them up in the way they should go, the narrow path that leads to the Cross, and they shall not depart from it. The time has come for the sleepiness of the parents of this country to undo what has been, a terrible wrong.

No more baby sitting our kids.

No more 40 hour brainwashings.

No more raising America.

And maybe, just maybe, it started in Louisiana tonight. God willing. Here is that story:  Louisiana’s bold bid to privatize schools

We know the Light and simply put, darkness cannot comprehend it.

Enjoy this and may God breathe life into us, another day!


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